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Our Daughter, Jessie

Val Earl, from South London, says: “Together with my husband, John, I have spent years fighting for a new inquest into the death of our beloved daughter, Jessie. Prime features agency have been able to help us publicise our case and boost awareness of our crowdfunding site, raising money towards our legal costs.
Jessie was a 22-year-old art student when she disappeared from her college flat in 1980. Her body was discovered on heathland above Beachy Head in 1989 but although there was very clear evidence that she’d been sexually assaulted - she was naked and a bra found alongside her wrists had probably been used to tie them together - the coroner at the initial inquest recorded an open verdict.
That verdict is an insult to Jessie’s memory, which is why we are seeking a new inquest. 
Tracy was able to place our story with Best and Chat magazines, as well as the Daily Express. She treated us carefully and with respect, which we appreciated. Even after so long, it is painful and difficult for us to talk about Jessie, but Prime features agency did all they could to make the process easier. We are pleased that we chose to work with them.”

Val's story: News
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