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My Husband, Jeff

Sarah Brown, from Kent, says: “My husband Jeff had  a catastrophic stroke in the area of his brain stem, in 2019. It was totally unexpected in a young, fit man. Afterwards he was left mentally unaffected, but paralysed and trapped inside his body, only able to move his eyes. He spent months in a rehab facility but desperately wanted to return to live with me in our home. I fought a long battle to get him back to out of rehab, which was successful. But once he was back indoors, Jeff still needed physio and specialist equipment to maximise his recovery. Friends launched a crowdfunding page to help. Tracy was able to place our story with two magazines, Best and Chat. The fees went towards our appeal and readers also made donations, which we appreciated. Every payment towards Jeff’s therapy is a help. We were happy to work with Prime features agency and pleased to be able to get our story to a wider audience - it was a positive experience for us.

Sarah's story: Welcome
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