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Madalina's story

Madalina Anghel, from East London, says: “My fiance Tudor, 33, was stabbed and killed in an unprovoked attack, as he tried to help a work colleague providing security for a New Year’s Eve party. He sent me a message and a picture only minutes before he died. We’d been together for three years and planned to marry. But now, instead of going to the church to arrange our wedding, I went there to bury him. Instead of making vows to spend our lives together, I had to attend a court case against the men who took his life. Tracy contacted me after the court case against three of the attackers and I wanted to speak out, partly as a tribute to my wonderful Tudor, who was a brave and good man, but also because one of the men accused of his murder was still at large. Prime features agency made it possible for the Mail Online, Chat and Woman’s Own to carry my story. I was happy I chose to work with Tracy and take the appeal for the remaining alleged attacker to a much wider audience.”

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