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Gabby and Vinnie at a PAAW House event.png

Anything For Vinnie

Gabby Kuehn, from East London, says: “When Tracy contacted me, I’d just been through a long battle for my quiet, well-behaved dog to be allowed to live with me in my own home. Neighbours on our flat’s management committee gave us 24 hours to find Vinnie a new home, or face legal costs. After fighting through the courts, the chancellor ruled that although our legal arguments were sound, it was OK for our fellow residents to decide they didn’t want a dog in our development. So we had to move out and find a rented flat. It was emotionally draining for me. So when I first spoke with Prime features agency, I wasn’t sure I could face going over everything again. But eventually I decided to give an interview, to draw attention to an issue affecting many fellow pet-owners. Prime features agency placed my story with Take a Break Pets and Woman magazines. I was pleased my story had been told so sympathetically to a wider audience, and now I’m glad that I decided to speak out.”

Gabby's story: News
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