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4 Celia in 1980. Note the _Afro_ perm and running shorts indicating the athletics origin o

I'm a fitness instructor – in my eighties!

Celia Powis, from West Sussex, says: “I was aged 83 and still working five days a week as a fitness instructor when Prime features agency approached me, about a women’s magazine feature. After talking it over with my husband Jack, I decided to go for it. Tracy interviewed me, then read over her copy for my approval - she was careful to explain everything and get my consent, at each stage. Later my story appeared in Best magazine, as well as the Daily Express. I had to wait quite a while before publication, but I was made aware of that, before agreeing to the magazine’s offer. Seeing my life retold in print was great fun. The experience of working with Prime features agency was very positive for me, and I got what I was hoping for, from it. Getting a fee was quite nice, of course! But mostly I just wanted to show everyone that getting older doesn’t mean you must stop using your skills and contributing to the world around you.”

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